Why Did I Choose Hostgator Web Hosting?

For those who have a website either for your personal use or perhaps for advertising reasons the first and primary course of action would be to create an online presence and this is only achievable with the aid of a web hosting corporation. But keep in mind not just any kind of web hosting company will work.

After I began researching for a web host I mostly came across the name Hostgator. It has so far served over thousands of clients successfully. Hostgator offers all kinds of services like shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated hosting and reseller hosting. But before moving on to additional features it is important you know more about the company’s history.

Developed during the year 2002 by a student of the Florida Atlantic University named Brent Oxley, Hostgator has worked its way up the ladder. So with this review I will highlight the reasons as to why Hostgator is considered one of the best hosting companies in the market.

When I began with Hostgator I started off with the shared hosting hatchling plan which now can be availed at only $3.96 monthly. It’s the least expensive but offers all benefits like limitless disk storage and bandwidth. Then there are the baby and business plan which allow hosting of unlimited domains. Shared hosting is the best for newbies. hostgatorcouponexperts.com has the best coupon codes including the famous Hostgator 1 cent coupon that can save a considerable amount of money if you decide to stay with them for a while.

If your company grows or you ever feel the need of an upgrade you can always switch to VPS and dedicated hosting plans which although more expensive offer impeccable advantages.

Hostgator customer support is quite remarkable. Apart from the usual chat and email methods you can also make a phone call at anytime from anywhere. Customer service team will always be there for you and help you out thoroughly. In my experience the best way to contact the support staff is through phone and if not phone then email.

In the time I have made use of Hostgator downtime has rarely ever been an issue. Yes the normal server upkeep issues and all are there but that’s rare and very short. Downtime for such issues is actually not accounted for as downtime as it is included in the remaining 0.1%. Hostgator offers an uptime of 99.9%. Credit is provided for downtime of more than 0.1%. Also speed of the servers is excellent.

If the question is whether I would recommend Hostgator the answer is a definite yes. Not only does Hostgator provide the above benefits but other benefits like an extremely user friendly Cpanel will only make your experience better and help your business shine.

Updated: May 22, 2015 — 3:27 pm
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